Environmental Care

J&E Page is serious about its environmental, social and ethical responsibilities. It shows in our dealings with customers and growers alike. We've committed to working with growers concerned with social and environmental welfare for many years. Now J&E Page is leading the way in supply of Fairtrade flowers to the UK flower industry. www.fairtrade.org.uk

In addition to Fairtrade certification we work with growers who are certified by:

Rainforest Alliancewww.rainforest-alliance.org



One of our main suppliers of Colombian flowers is Colibri Flowers; they are located in Bogotá and have a total cultivated area of 47 hectares. Colibri are one of the best known quality growers in Colombia with their Peacock range of carnations with a loyal following in the UK market.

Colibri Flowers are committed to work in a safe, socially responsible and environmentally friendly way! Being ISO 14001 certified by the Bureau Veritas Quality Internations, they are the first and only flower grower in the world that produce flowers 100% environmentally certified! Their latest accreditation for eco/people friendly philosophy is just another jewel in the crown.

Colibri are Founder members of the 'Florverde' programme - this programme is internationally recognized for promoting safer and cleaner technologies for flower production. They are also dedicated to the social welfare of their workers. Colibri employees benefit from subsidized housing which has already seen 328 of the 610 employees able to buy their own, properly built homes rather than corrugated iron shanties. There are free nursery facilities for children of the predominantly single mother workforce. There is also low-cost dental and medical care and free transport to and from work. A doctor keeps regular hours at the farm, along with a trained psychologist and social worker. These points help keep a very loyal and dedicated work force of more 610 employees.

We are absolutely delighted to be the only importer in the United Kingdom to supply high quality products from Colibri. As you can see, they have an excellent profile!



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